Zaruma Gold Mountain Coffee Galapagos

10 Oz. / Ground, Whole beans

Medium Roast Bourbon
This coffee will be let you explore one of the world’s greatest treasures, the Galapagos
Islands at 550 m.a.s.l.

Flavor notes: Chocolate, nuts & stone fruit.





Medium light roast



Coffee of the Four Regions

The location of Ecuador is privileged due to the amount of sunlight it receives daily for being in the middle of the world. It is perfect to grow plants; the multiple climatic floors, the influence of the Andes Mountain and the ocean currents make of every province in Ecuador the perfect place to grow coffee.

THE COFFEE OF THE FOUR REGIONS keeps its origin brand which is: Zaruma Gold Mountain. This is in honor to the beautiful Zaruma City which is known as Natural and Cultural Heritage of Ecuador and where this project originated. We work to keep our promise to continue to promote coffee from Zaruma as one of the best ones in the world.