Our History

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Zarucoffee’s Factory is located in Zaruma City. Here is where our two brands of Natural Coffee and Specialty Coffee are processed: El Zarumeñito and Zaruma Gold Mountain.

The geographic location of Zaruma is strategic for the growth and development of Arabica Coffee. The height, humidity, speed of the wind, and sunlight give this coffee great organoleptic qualities which are fancied by coffee drinkers around the world.

All of these characteristics make of Zaruma Coffee a fine coffee with great aroma, body, and flavor. This coffee is well recognized even outside of Ecuadorian boarders for more than half a century.

Due to the vulnerability of coffee prices, plagues that affect the crops and since the majority of the population dedicate their lives to other activities, many coffee crops have been lost through the years. Coffee from Zaruma City had disappeared from supermarket shelves in Ecuador for many years after being one of the most famous coffees in the country. This is what inspired the founders of Zarucoffee Cia. Ltda to take on the hard task of working to position Zaruma Coffee in the national market again, this time with an international vision. They began by encouraging existing coffee growers to better their practices by paying them more for their product and assisting to events like coffee fairs.

Our Reach

Zarucoffee has been an ambassador for Ecuadorian Coffee at international coffee fairs in Miami and Toronto as well as big coffee events such as the Summer Fancy Food in New York City and the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston.

Our Philosophy

Since our beginnings, our biggest concern was the coffee growers. The price they received for their product was below the market value which is why we started by paying them fair prices so that this activity would become one of the main economic activities in Zaruma as well as the whole province.

El Zarumeñito

Zaruma is located at 1,200 mamsl in the El Oro Province, Ecuador between rich mountains of coffee and gold that make of this city a unique and magical place.

We have harvested and roasted a selection of the best coffee beans from the area in our emblematic “El Zarumenito” brand which is the local brand found at supermarkets in Ecuador.